I Gave My Adult Mother An Amazon Echo plus It Changed Her Life

My mum is 80 yrs of age and isn't exactly up to date on modern tools. But after my dad died, she became very lonely. She has friends, but alive alone was hard for her. As my siblings and I live a long way away, we cannot visit quite frequently. My sister got her an iPhone and taught her to Face Time, thus we could video chat. I also utilize an iPhone spy app to keep track of where she actually is, for her safety. However, I felt like that wasn't enough. I needed to realize that she's safe while still she lives independently. So for Christmas this year, I even gave her an Amazon Echo. And it changed her entire life.

Why My Mom Loves Alexa

My mom has been stunned by each of the different things that Alexa cando. I knew that the Echo will be helpful for her, but I'd no idea just how helpful it would end up being. My mom is cooking meals again because she doesn't need to squint at a cook book or a recipe card she cannot really read anymore. Because I keep track of her with an iPhone spy app, I understand she does not use the web, with the exception of email and Facebook. But Alexa will tell her a recipe or remind her exactly what temperature something should cook at. She is able to tell Alexa what to hold her supermarket, or even order it for her. It makes her life easier at several thousand unique ways.

Even the Amazon Echo is one of the most helpful gadgets available on the market.

Alexa's reminders will also be fantastic for my own mom. She does not have to worry about remembering to take her drugs or exactly what time her physician's appointments are. Alexa will remind her every morning, at exactly the identical time to carry her medications, and also offers her alarms until her medical appointments. Alexa can even call her an Uber when she does not feel as driving. And if my mom cannot remember a telephone number or a speech, all she needs to do is ask Alexa.

Other Things Alexa Can Do

My brothers installed smart rails in my mum's house, so she can control the temperature, and lock the doors, and be sure that the oven is away only by telling Alexa. She is able to also ask Alexa to take her morning coffee. In addition, Alexa is an excellent companion for the mom. She is able to tune in to Amazon's virtual helper read her novels or the headlines at the daytime. The Echo also makes it effortless for her to order staples in bulk from Amazon. They'll just show up at her door, so she doesn't have to go out and shop for things that she can't take well.

If you have an elderly parent or family member and you've been wondering how you're able to make their lives better, even though you live far away, buy them an Amazon Echo. You will be shocked at how many ways it might improve their quality of life and help them stay safe and happy inside their own homes. Plus, you can hook the Echo into security systems to be an backup, voice-activated medical alarm system should they want help in an emergency. Get your senior loved one an Echo. You may not regret it. And while you're at it, be sure to put in an iPhone spy app in their own phone, too. This will grant you the satisfaction you want to make sure your loved one is safe.

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